Farnoosh Mohaghegh

Classical Homeopath, CEASE Therapist

BSC (Microbiology), DCH

Member of BC and Canadian Society of Homeopaths




I discovered homeopathy for the first time in 1996 when my Physics professor introduced
this wonderful medicine as being the future of all healing methods. At that time I was studying for my bachelor degree in Microbiology and was still searching for my ideal profession - something that could satisfy my desire to help people and bring me opportunities to learn new ideas. My passion for learning took me in several different directions - I was a Microbiology lab technician, a registered tour guide, volunteer member of the rescue team in an environmental NGO and a teacher.


Once I came to Canada in 2004, I continued searching for my ideal profession and in 2006
 I met Murray Feldman the founder of Vancouver Homeopathic Academy during an informational session. I then knew that Homeopathy, this mysterious and effective medicine, is something to consider.


After 5 years, I am now a graduate from the academy and blissfully satisfied with my choice.
After witnessing some amazing improvements in my patients, I know in my heart that Homeopathy is indeed the future of all healing methods. Homeopathy taught me how to be completely nonjudgmental towards everyone and just have one purpose in mind that is to do my best to help cure suffering individuals.


After attending a homeopathic workshop in India in 2010, I am now planning to take an advanced course in an international homeopathic academy in Mumbai for more clinical training. I continuously attend homeopathic seminars in Canada and abroad.