I highly recommend Farnoosh for homeopathic care. As well as her experience and passion for helping people she is very intuitive. She listens deeply and gets to the root. I have used Farnoosh twice after going through the medical system without results. 

I felt comforted and safe speaking to Farnoosh. 

I highly recommend you try her and homeopathic care. 

She is my go to for healthcare. 

Thank you Farnoosh!

~Stephanie B.



I cannot recommend Farnoosh highly enough.
She has made a dramatic difference in the health of myself and 5 year old daughter.  Farnoosh has worked very hard to find the exact remedy my body needed, and even to find the right potency.  As my body began to heal with one potency of the same remedy, Farnoosh kept figuring out which was the best to use next.  With her help, she has managed to relieve me of a great deal of gastro-intestional pain, and emotional stress. As for my daughter, she too inherited a weak digestive system.  She has been seeing Farnoosh since she was 3 years old, and her remedy has alleviated a great number of food sensitivities, tummy aches, and very painful constipation.  At the same time, the remedy that Farnoosh gave my daughter lightened her mood, and kept a great deal of her grumpy moods away.  She is a vibrant, happy, healthy girl thanks to Farnoosh.  Farnoosh has a wonderful spirit for children, and my daughter enjoys seeing her.

~Jessica L.


“Farnoosh has been absolutely wonderful in helping our entire family get healthy naturally! The time and care she takes to research your condition prior to giving a remedy provides a sense of comfort knowing she is really doing her best to find the best natural source for your ailments. Thank you Farnoosh for all your help!”

~Bryan I.


“Farnoosh is a very talented healer.  She has taken the most detailed history of my case of any other medical professional.  She is kind, empathetic, and a very skilled homeopath.  It is with no reservations that I wholeheartedly recommend her.”

~Dr. J. Genz

Farnoosh is a skilled Homeopath who is able to get to the heart of an issue with empathy and a high degree of insight. I found her observations to be on the mark, and would work with her again in the future if the opportunity were to arise.

~Cara H.


There are very few people in the world who will attentively and quietly listen to all you have to say about your life, without filters and without judgement. This is a rare gift that Farnoosh has, and along with her keen insight and passion for homeopathy it is a blessing to anyone who chooses her as their homeopath. We have experienced powerful physical and emotional transformations, using subtle, yet very precisely chosen, natural remedies. I recommend Farnoosh Mohaghegh without reservation.

~Sarah L.